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Strata Baby Products

  • Booster seat

    Booster Seat with Tray (6 Months +)

    Booster Seat with Tray
    40cm Length
    33cm Width
    31cm Height
    Blue with Red Tray
    Suitable for ages 6 months and over

  • strata potty chair

    Potty Chair with Removable Potty


    Potty Chair with Removable Potty
    30cm (11¾”) Length
    29cm (11¼”) Width
    25cm (9¾”) Depth

    Colours: Silver Lining

  • whiote strata pottyjell green strata potty

    Baby Deluxe Potty


    16.5cm Length
    25.5cm Width
    31cm Height

    Colours: Silver Lining, Jelly Green

  • KD107 Tint Aquatoilet seat white strata

    Toilet Training Seat


    38cm Length
    30cm Width
    10cm Height

    Colours: Silver Lining, Aqua Fish

  • strata top tail

    Top & Tail Bowl


    40cm Length
    25cm Width
    10cm Depth

    Colours: Silver Lining

  • deluxe-baby-bath_01716f2212ed4cc51ce2886a74c2af72

    Deluxe Baby Plug Bath


    83cm Length
    42.2cm Width
    26.7cm Height

    Colours: White

    Integrated drain hole with plug

  • Step Stool

    Baby Step Stool


    35cm Length
    29cm Width
    13cm Height

    Colour: Silver Lining

  • s-l1600KD099

    Baby Plug Bath


    79cm Length
    38cm Width
    22cm Depth

    Colours: White with Silver Lining, Pink, Blue

    Integrated drain hole with plug

  • strata box

    Nursery Box

    Colour: Aqua Fish

    Size: Length 46cm x Width 27cm x Height (excluding handle) 23.5cm